Heritas provides an intelligent guidance and data management for both heirs and testators by automating and standardizing the inheritance case digitally. This includes mainly onboarding, guidance for specific solutions, data management of all stakeholders and quotas, asset management, legal management and distribution of assets in the case of inheritance.
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    B2B/ B2C - SaaS
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    Berlin, Germany
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partnered with us:
"With Prediction’s entrepreneurial background comes a deep understanding of startups’ needs and how to practically support. They immediately were convinced about our vision – and the match was perfect."
Dr. Birte Gall, Founder & CEO
Why we partnered with
We partnered with Heritas due to their very experienced founder team with a complimentary skillset as well as their already established traction, product development and strategic partnerships. Additionally, we have a strong conviction that they have a unique GTM approach to establish themselves as a leader in digitizing the inheritance process as well as becoming a leading asset and wealth manager for their clients.
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