House of Change

House of Change democratize access to ESG expertise, empowering companies to drive their sustainability transformation without having to (solely) rely on an in-house ESG manager. They are tackling an emerging multi-billion market within the ESG education and services space, where they will become one of the leading platforms for ESG expertise and services.
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    B2B - ESG support and expertise
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    Hamburg, Germany
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House of Change
partnered with us:
"Prediction Capital was an easy choice for us: deep understanding of our competitive landscape, hands-on support around our first hires even before closing and a transparent decision process."
Christoph Goeken, Founder & CEO
Why we partnered with
House of Change
We partnered with House of Change due to their very experienced and complementary founder team which we believe has the potential to revolutionize the business model for ESG expertise and support. As the demand for this service (and the urgency to deliver on it) has grown tremendously within the last years, we have a high conviction that Christoph and Max will be crucial in driving the transformation of established corporates to execute on their ESG goals and thus, elevate their ecological and social impact.
House of Change
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