MEMBER is a next-gen social media platform creating online communities around shared preferences, themes and trends for both individual consumers and large corporates. Their objective is to support formation of communities which are underrepresented on traditional social media (e.g., Cannabis and Recreation) as well as provide "community-as-a-service" to corporate customers who are struggling to leverage their customer base's network effects.
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    SaaS B2C/ B2B
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    Berlin, Germany
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partnered with us:
"Prediction was very early-on aligned with our vision of revolutionizing community-building around shared preferences and building communities especially in niche-areas. We have found an equally entrepreneurial investor and are looking forward to working together on this journey."
Andreas Rührig, CEO & Founder
Why we partnered with
We liked MEMBER for two reasons. Firstly, their disruptive and very technical approach towards creating and managing communities with the assistance of AI even in very niche areas whilst also being able to pivot their business model towards creating a similar value for corporates. Secondly, Andreas' creative and execution-driven mindset which has been shaped through his multiple entrepreneurial successes and his experience as a successful angel investor. We believe this to be the perfect combinatio to develop a category winner in social-media community-building.
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