PowerAPI is the most open, modular & intelligent operational software. PowerAPI empowers corporates, service & product integrators, agencies and the public sector with white label plug and play tools to facilitate digitalization, boost their product offering, answer customer needs, and a quick go-to-market. PowerAPI's OpenAPI and SDK's facilitates integration, and our partner success team ensures you have top class support. SMB's use PowerAPI as an all-in-one operational software to manage their entire tech stack, automate operations, simplify their admin, grow their online revenues, and accelerate new business opportunities.
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    B2B - SaaS
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    Geneva, Switzerland
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partnered with us:
"Every relationship is personal, defined by the moments spent brainstorming and working with each other. The team at Prediction was aligned with our mission since our first discussion. From there everything unfolded naturally. We’re in it together, for the long haul."
Andrea Tassistro, Founder & CEO
Why we partnered with
We partnered with PowerAPI due to their impressive product, traction and stakeholder partnerships with companies like Coca Cola HBC, Nestlé, Google, Square and SAP. Additionally, they are able to service both the B2B and B2C markets and have been therefore accelerated by “Google for Startups". Finally, having a positive impact on consumption and the environment is at the heart of PowerAPI's mission.
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