Stokelp provides a complete solution empowering food manufacturers to better manage their raw material needs and to help them to reduce their waste by selling their overstock on the platform
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    B2B Marketplace and SaaS
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    Paris, France
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partnered with us:
"Prediction understood at the first time our business and our challenges, they know how to help us to accelerate by connecting us to the right person in their network ! More than in an investor, Prediction is a strategic partner for our growth."
Tanguy de Cottignies, CEO & Co-Founder
Why we partnered with
Investing in Stokelp was an obvious decision for us. They boast a seasoned founding team that identified a significant real-world problem while working as traders: food wastage. Their remarkable traction in just a few months of operation and the immense addressable market are both impressive. Moreover, we strongly believe that reducing food waste is a top priority for all key stakeholders in the industry. Last but not least, the diverse cap table is particularly capable of supporting Tanguy and William on their journey.
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