Investment Stages


Enabling founders to unfold
their full potential

We support different types of founders beginning from the early days of founding their business with our expertise and network. Our common objective is to elevate talented & passionate founders while serving as an entrepreneurial sparring partner and providing the opportunity for them to exchange with seasoned industry experts, likeminded founders and established businesses.

We love to partner with founders who have strong academic and professional backgrounds as well as the entrepreneurial drive to realize ideas that might seem impossible at first.


Supporting founders with
critical decision-making

We engage in Seed investments where the founding team has developed an innovative business model that is determined to change the future of a specific industry. Within that stage, we provide substantial support in developing a clear product-market fit, go-to-market strategy and supporting with the creation and prioritzation of growth and profitability initiatives.

Our main focus is to partner with founders that are able to build a sound operating model based on solid business foundations rather than purely looking for a straight-forward growth opportunity. By providing our expertise in building, scaling and optimizing businesses from different stages we actively take part in shaping the operating model and building these strong foundations.

Our Support to our Founders


  • Business Model and Strategy Development
  • Effective Go-To-Market-Strategies
  • Value Creation Streams Development
  • Hiring/ Recruiting Support
  • IT/ Tech-Infrastructure Advice
  • Access to Plug & Play Accelerator Program


  • Product-Market Fit Support
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Expansion and Growth Support
  • Unit Economic Identification and Optimization
  • Ideation and Prioritization of Growth and Profitability Initiatives

Along the Journey

  • Access to Angel/ Expert Network
  • Fundraising Support
  • Synergies with existing Portfolio Companies
  • Problem-Solving on Business Challenges
  • Accessto exclusive Networking Events
  • Mediation and Support with non-business related Challenges

Our Investment Process

#1 Pitch Deck
Receipt of intial pitch material
#2 Pitch Deck Review
Diligent review based on DD template
#3 Meeting w/ Founders
First meeting with founders (deal captain only)
#4 Financial DD & Expert Interviews
Follow-on DD with focus on financial model, valuation and expert interviews
#5 Meeting w/ full Team
Second meeting with founders together with full partner team
#6 Legal / Tech DD
Follow-up analyses on remaining DD items (e.g., legal, tech, etc.) together with advisors
#7 Team/ Personality Assessment
Third meeting with founders for EQ and mental stability assessment
#8 Investment Decision
Investment decision among partner team
#9 Communication of Decision
Fourth meeting with founders to communicate commitment and align on next steps
#10 Legal Investment Process
Legal investment process kick-off
predicting the future...